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The Expanded Exchange

From Wandering to Wonders with the STEM Ecosystem

Sabrina Gomez

Sabrina Gomez is Director of Expanded STEM Opportunities at ExpandED Schools. This post was originally published on the Every Hour Counts blog.I have always believed that one should wander with p ... read more

How AOL e-Volunteers helped our students—without leaving their offices

Erin Phillips

Erin Phillips is a Development Officer at ExpandED Schools.Dear Sir/Madam: I have a few questions about technology, social media, and communication.1. How does technology help in our lives?2. Why ... read more

What's Lucy Reading?

Lucy Friedman

Lucy Friedman is president of ExpandED Schools.  We’re pleased to share our 2016 Annual Report, which celebrates the passion and curiosity of students and educators in ExpandED Schoo ... read more

DOE High School Teachers Needed: Teach Teens About STEAM Careers!

Deborah Taylor

Deborah Taylor is the High School/Middle School Program Manager at ExpandED Schools. Above: A still from a video made by CareerCLUE students from the Academy for Careers in Television and Film.&n ... read more

Infusing Poetry in Afterschool | LiteracyConnections

Rachel Roseberry

Rachel Roseberry is the Literacy Manager at ExpandED Schools. This post is part of our LiteracyConnections blog series, where we explore the bridge between literacy and child development. You are ... read more

The winning combo of SEL + good school climate | SELConnections

Katie Brohawn

Katie Brohawn is Senior Director of Research for ExpandED Schools. This blog is part of our SELConnections blog series, where we explore social and emotional learning.  MS 223/The Laboratory Scho ... read more

Thanks a million! Highlights from our 2017 Spring Benefit

Jama Toung

Jama Toung is Chief Development Officer at ExpandED Schools.The evening's emcee Soledad O'Brien is joined by student perfomers from Renaissance School of the Arts (MS 377), which partners with Ci ... read more

How making friends builds your brain | NeuroConnections

Katie Brohawn

Katie Brohawn directs research for ExpandED Schools. This blog is part of our NeuroConnections blog series, where we explore the bridge between neuroscience and education. Students at PS 89/Cypress Hi ... read more

One in a Million: Discovering Ancient Cultures and Modern Wonders

ExpandED Schools

We’re reaching our 1 millionth student this school year! This blog is part of a series where we journey throughout our expanded learning schools network and get to know some of our students. Meet El ... read more

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