2016annual report

2016 annual report

Working to ensure that all kids, from every zip code, have opportunities to discover their talents and develop their full potential.

More hours in the school day. More role models in the classroom. More enrichments like sports, the arts, STEM and character-building activities. These are the supports and experiences kids need in order to grow into caring, confident and successful adults.

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2016 at-a-glance

This past year, your contribution:

Expanded opportunities for more than
middle school students in book clubs to read over
educators from over
schools and community organizations
Provided more than
hours of STEM activities
schools with grants, onsite coaching and capacity building
Offered more than
sports + arts clubs

As you can see throughout this report, the students in our schools are one in a million. And thanks to you, we are on our way to reaching our millionth student this school year.


1 Million Students

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When I grow up, I want to be a scientist or engineer.

With global warming, we might have to find an alternative planet to live on, and Mars is one option. We need to see Mars for ourselves, and not just through a robot’s eyes.

Chloe, 6th grader in brooklyn

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Recording Studio is my favorite expanded day class.

We work on a digital audio workstation. I come up with the sounds on the keyboard, and then I put it together. At first, it felt a little hard. But now it’s so much easier.

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Christopher, 6th grader in the Bronx


  • Net assets from prior years for use in 2016 $ 6,446,540
  • 2016 revenue and support $ 14,069,436
  • Total $ 20,515,976
  • Expenses $ 17,094,661
  • Net assets year-end
    (restricted and unrestricted)
    $ 7,874,158
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I do Cooking Club every day at school. I didn’t really like onions before I joined Cooking Club but then I started eating foods with onions. I didn’t realize we were going to chop the onions;

I thought the teachers would do it. But now I have skills.

Naomi, 6th grader in queens

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My favorite class is Humanities. We’re reading a book called Warriors Don’t Cry, which is about people who protested a long time ago.

I think it’s okay to cry.

Sometimes people have to cry and let it out. If I were a magician and could change anything about the world, I would wipe away all violence.

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treyveyon, 6th grader in harlem


  • 82nd Street Academics
  • Abundant Waters
  • After School Matters, Chicago
  • Areté Education
  • Asphalt Green
  • Aspira of New York
  • Beam Center
  • Bergen Basin Community Development Corp.
  • Boston After School & Beyond
  • Brooklyn Community Services
  • Bronxworks
  • BELL (Building Educated Leaders for Life)
  • Center for Educational Pathways
  • Child Center of New York
  • Childrens Art and Science Workshop
  • Child First Authority
  • Citizen Schools
  • City Parks Foundation
  • City Year
  • Columbia University Teachers College
  • Committee for Hispanic Children and Families
  • Community Resource Exchange
  • Cypress Hills Local Development Corp.
  • Directions For Our Youth
  • East Side House Settlement
  • Educational Alliance
  • Educational Video Center
  • Family League of Baltimore City
  • Family Service Society of Yonkers
  • Generation Schools Network
  • Global Kids
  • Good Shepherd Services
  • Grand Street Settlement
  • Harlem Dowling-West Side Center for Children & Family Services
  • Henry Street Settlement
  • Hudson River Museum
  • Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy
  • Institute of Play
  • Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
  • Inwood House
  • Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island
  • Kids Creative
  • Kingsbridge Heights Community Center
  • The LAMP
  • Learning through an Expanded Arts Program (LEAP)
  • Mentoring in Medicine
  • Mentoring Partnership
  • Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility
  • Move This World
  • Nashville After Zone Alliance
  • Neighborhood Initiatives Development Corporation
  • Nepperhan Community Center
  • New Settlement Apartments / The Crenulated Co.
  • New York Hall of Science
  • NIA Community Services Network
  • NYU Tanden School of Engineering
  • Partnership for Children & Youth, Bay Area, CA
  • Phipps Community Center
  • Prime Time Palm Beach County
  • Police Athletic League
  • Providence After School Alliance
  • Ramapo for Children
  • ReNEW Schools
  • Research Foundation of CUNY / Medgar Evers College ACE
  • Roads to Success
  • Samuel Field YM & YWHA
  • SCAN New York
  • SoBRO (South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corp)
  • South Asian Youth Action
  • Southern Queens Park Association
  • Sports & Arts in Schools Foundation
  • St. Nicks Alliance Corporation
  • Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center
  • Strycker's Bay Neighborhood Council
  • Studio in a School Association
  • Sunnyside Community Services
  • The Center for Popular Democracy
  • The Children's Aid Society
  • The Sylvia Center
  • University Settlement Society of New York
  • WHEDco (Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation)
  • YMCA of Greater New York
  • Youthprise, Twin Cities, MN
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I love dancing.

We’re learning about dances that evolved from a long time ago. My muscles hurt afterwards because we practice anywhere from five minutes to a whole hour. I’m surprised at how flexible I am and how fast I can be.

shawn, 7th grader in the bronx

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I love to read. I want to study journalism in college.

When I grow up, I’d love to write an autobiography. I feel like I’d find myself.

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jada, 8th grader in the bronx

board + staff

Board of Directors

  • Roger Blissett, Co-Chair
  • Randolph Nelson, Co-Chair
  • Diana Taylor, Vice Chair
  • Mimi Clarke Corcoran, Secretary
  • Paulo Pena, Treasurer
  • Lucy N. Friedman, President
  • Leon Botstein
  • Kevin B. Brandmeyer
  • Jé Carr
  • Edith W. Cooper
  • Jay L. Kriegel
  • Stanley S. Litow
  • Pedro A. Noguera
  • Soledad O’Brien
  • Frederica P. Perera
  • Jennifer J. Raab
  • Rachel G. Skaistis
  • Herbert Sturz, Founding Chair
  • Christopher Swope

Junior Board

  • Megan O’Grady, Co-Chair
  • Adam Steiner, Co-Chair
  • Travis Foxhall
  • Natalia Garzon
  • Ben Guttmann
  • Danielle Kennedy
  • Joseph Mensah
  • Omar Edward Njie
  • Dan Rosenbloom
  • Lito Soi
  • Jess Stowe
  • Jack Terranova
  • Nicholas (Cole) Weston
  • Risa Whipple

leadership team

  • Lucy Friedman president
  • Rebeca Benitez Director of Human Resources
    & Administration
  • Katie Brohawn Senior Director of Research
  • Jennifer Curry Chief Operating Officer
  • Sabrina Gomez Director ExpandED STEM Opportunities
  • Monica Ingkavet Senior Director of Operations
  • Rashida Ladner-Seward Director of Program Support
  • Deb Levy Director of Communications & Marketing
  • Marissa Martin Director of Policy & Government Relations
  • Laura Scheck Director of School Support
  • Charles (Chirag) Shah Chief Financial Officer
  • Jama Toung Chief Development Officer
  • Saskia Traill Vice President of Policy & Research
  • Chris Whipple Vice President of Programs
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My best advice is never change for anyone.

Be yourself no matter what happens. Don’t judge people just because of how they look or act. You don’t know what they’ve been through in their life.

Modesty, 6th grader in the Bronx

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Some people say that boys are better in math and girls are better in English language arts because girls like sitting down and being calm and boys are more energetic and like building.

I disagree. My favorite subject is math.

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Leah, 6th grader in the Bronx


$1,000,000 +

  • Ford Foundation
  • New York City Council
  • New York City Department of Education
  • Noyce Foundation and STEM Next *
  • The Pinkerton Foundation
  • The Robin Hood Foundation
  • United States Department of Education
  • The Wallace Foundation *

$100,000 – $999,999

  • Dalio Foundation
  • Gerstner Family Foundation
  • W.K. Kellogg Foundation
  • Charles Stewart Mott Foundation *
  • Rona and Randolph Nelson
  • New York City Department of Youth and Community Development
  • The New York Community Trust
  • New York Life Foundation
  • New York State Education Department
  • Overdeck Family Foundation

$10,000 – $99,999

  • Altman Foundation
  • Catherine and Joseph Aresty Foundation
  • Beachwold Residential LLC
  • Kevin B. Brandmeyer
  • Robert Sterling Clark Foundation
  • Edith Cooper
  • Cooper-Horowitz, Inc.
  • Esther Dyson
  • Google
  • Virginia R. Joffe
  • Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP
  • Annette L. Nazareth and Roger W. Ferguson, Jr.
  • Ruth K. Nelson
  • Rachel and Jay Skaistis
  • Robert K. Steel
  • Herbert Sturz
  • Diana Taylor
  • James S. and Merryl H. Tisch
  • Michel Zaleski, Zaleski Family Foundation

$1,000 – $9,999

  • Areté Education
  • Colleen Simmons-Barnswell and Carlton B. Barnswell
  • Karyn K. Bendit and Charles R. Bendit
  • BKM Sowan Horan, LLP
  • Roger A. Blissett
  • Bolton-St. Johns
  • Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC
  • Stephanie Brock
  • Cliff Broder
  • Karessa Cain
  • James Capalino
  • Jé E. Carr
  • Lisa and Dick Cashin
  • Todd and Neely Cather
  • Charina Foundation, Richard and Ronay Menschel
  • Mimi Clarke Corcoran and Michael Corcoran
  • David Cooperstein
  • Richard Coraine
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting
  • Raniero Cortina and Jennifer L. Baumann
  • Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP
  • Christine Downton
  • EisnerAmper LLP
  • The Fascitelli Family Foundation
  • Edward C. and Susan R. Forst
  • Irene and Richard Frary
  • Lucy and William Friedman
  • Richard A. Friedman
  • Robert and Jane Friedman
  • Tony Gilroy and Susan Egbert Gilroy
  • Marybeth Graf-Brohawn
  • Stephen and Myrna Greenberg
  • Francis Greenburger
  • Greentree Foundation
  • Susan and Kenneth Hahn
  • Harrington Family Fund
  • Fred and Ellen Harris
  • HFF
  • Marion C. Katzive
  • Stacey King
  • Stanley S. Litow
  • Lockton Companies
  • Richard and Alice Norman Mandel
  • Danny and Audrey Meyer
  • Timothy Nelson and Lisa Benavides-Nelson
  • Victor Nolletti
  • Soledad O’Brien
  • One Point of Light Foundation
  • Paulo Pena and Corryn Birken
  • Frederica P. Perera and Frederick A.O. Schwarz, Jr.
  • Richard and Emilie Powers
  • Catherine and William Rahm
  • RBC Capital Markets
  • Jack Rosenthal and Holly Russell
  • May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation, Inc.
  • Dorothy and Peter Samuels
  • Savills Studley, Inc.
  • Susan and Stephen Scherr
  • Jeffrey Schroeder
  • Stefani and Leonard Shavel
  • Gwendolyn D. Simmons
  • Lorie Slutsky
  • Richard J. Smilow
  • Lito Soi and Ramzi Issa
  • David M. Solomon
  • Tracy Stampfli
  • Esta Stecher
  • Art Steinmetz
  • Elizabeth B. Strickler and Mark T. Gallogly
  • Christopher Swope and John Flippen
  • Allison Thrush and Arthur C. Chang
  • Laurie M. Tisch
  • U.S. Residential Group LLC / Island Capital Group LLC
  • United Federation of Teachers
  • USI Insurance Services
  • Robin Veenstra-Vanderweel
  • John E. Waldron
  • Edward Wallace
  • Michelle Morris Weston
  • Nicholas Weston
  • Janice Williams
  • Steve Witten
  • Evan Wu

$100 – $999

  • AccountNet
  • Angelo Aldana
  • Lynn S. Appelbaum
  • Leo Argiris
  • Kate Aufhauser
  • Kimberly Bacon
  • Nicholas Barbato
  • Peter Barker-Huelster and Allison Freedman Weisberg
  • Bernadette Baum
  • Dorothee Bergin
  • Sarah Berman
  • David Beznos
  • Ishu Bhutani
  • Matthew Boline
  • Alvaro Bolivar
  • Leon Botstein
  • Tim Braine and Judith Ivey
  • David and Susan Brownwood
  • Thomas Cahill

$100 – $999 (continued)

  • Jacquelyne and John Carr
  • Kenneth Chenault
  • Mary Anne Cino
  • Laura Katherine Clark
  • Sean A. Coar
  • Janet Corcoran
  • Ronald Cropper
  • Jennifer and Tom Curry
  • Francesco De Camilli
  • The Design Gym
  • Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
  • Sarah and Peter Diamond
  • Heather and Kevin Dibble
  • Frank J. Dwyer
  • John Eade
  • East Side House
  • Nadia Fischer Fahim
  • Charissa and Abelardo Fernandez
  • Jurgen Fischer
  • Maureen Fonseca
  • Travis Foxhall
  • Gideon Friedman
  • John Garibaldi and Patricia Ewing
  • Natalia Garzon
  • Paula L. Gavin
  • Edward Geffner and Suzanne Spinrad
  • Lindsey Geitz
  • Joseph and Diane Giannetto
  • Jeni and Brad Goldman
  • Elizabeth Grayer and Aidan Synnott
  • William T. Gregory
  • Antonia and George Grumbach, Jr.
  • Benjamin Guttmann
  • Conrad and Marsha Harper
  • Susan Haskell
  • Robert Hoglund
  • Justin Horowitz
  • Ryan J. Horowitz
  • Alfred and Denise Hurley
  • Joseph Johnson
  • Janet T. Kelley
  • Danielle Kennedy and Markus Fischer
  • Karley Kokinakis
  • Erik and Jennifer Komitee
  • Stacey and Kevin Kotler
  • Marian and Jack Krauskopf
  • Nancy Kronenberg
  • Lamson Lam
  • Joann and Robert Todd Lang
  • Mary H. Larimer
  • Learning Through an Expanded Arts Program
  • Susan Leeds
  • Sarah Levitt
  • David Levy
  • René and Norman Levy
  • Carol Sutton Lewis and William M. Lewis, Jr.
  • Carol and Lance Liebman
  • Scott Li
  • Jim Marley
  • Deborah McGinn
  • Kathleen McGowan
  • Joe and Mavis Mensah
  • Joseph Mensah
  • Jared Middleman
  • Andrea and George Miller
  • Rebecca and Stephen Milliken
  • Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility
  • Katherine Nelson
  • Dang Nguyen
  • Omar Njie
  • Omar Njie, Sr.
  • Pedro A. Noguera, Ph.D.
  • Mark H. O’Donoghue
  • Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.
  • Megan and James O'Grady
  • Esra Ozer
  • Elizabeth and James Pickman
  • Rachel Purcell
  • Jennifer J. Raab, Hunter College
  • Brian Reilly
  • Dorothy Rick
  • Lydia and Bill Rosenberg
  • Dan Rosenbloom
  • Anthony and Jean Russell
  • David Sahr
  • Denise Savoy
  • Annette Scaduto
  • Ellen Schall
  • Laura Scheck
  • Jean and Raymond V. J. Schrag
  • William E. Schroeder
  • Merwyn and Barbara Sher
  • Archit Sheth-Shah
  • Rona and Ralph Siaca
  • Jessica Simonson
  • Shannon Snead
  • William J. Snipes
  • Peter and Susan Solomon
  • Russ Soper
  • James and Sherri Spitzer
  • Adam Steiner and Cait Dooley
  • Jess and Travis Stowe
  • Dr. Sylvia Swilley
  • Jack Terranova
  • Kenneth Thompson
  • Thomas Tisserant
  • Janet and Udi Toledano
  • John Toohey
  • Marcos Torres
  • Tucker Printers, an RRD Company
  • Christine Umali
  • University Settlement Society of New York
  • USI Consulting Group
  • George Van Amson
  • Cynthia King Vance and Lee Vance
  • Richard Vicedomini
  • Nancy Wackstein
  • Gregory Weston
  • Christopher and Lois Whipple
  • Nicholas Whipple
  • Risa Whipple and Andrew Zimmer
  • Ori and Judy Winitzer
  • Jeanette Witten
  • Women's Housing and Economic Development Corporation
  • JunJie Wu
  • Linda Zhang
  • Carol and Robert Zimmerman

In Kind

  • American Symphony Orchestra
  • Anonymous
  • Blue Apron
  • CASA Kids
  • Cyc Astor
  • Empire Merchants
  • Lucy and William Friedman
  • Kendra Phillip LLC
  • Mast Brothers
  • McKay Williamson
  • New York Mets
  • Orrick, Herrington and Sutcliffe LLP
  • Paulo Pena, Wyndham Hotel Group
  • Adam Steiner and Cait Dooley
  • Stoli Group USA
  • Herbert Sturz
  • Christopher Swope, Live Nation
  • Union Square Hospitality Group
  • Evan Wu
* Includes support for Every Hour Counts
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Baseball teaches me things about life—

how to have faith in my community, how to trust, leadership. I’m the assistant captain. I’ve learned coping mechanisms—taking a deep breath, counting to ten, taking a walk around.

ryan, 7th grader in the bronx

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I did the school play last year. It was nerve-racking on the day of the show. At first I was crying.

Then I remembered that my friends supported me.

So I was good after the first number. I didn’t care what people would think.

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Grandee, 8th grader in THE BRONX


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ExpandED Schools is a nonprofit dedicated to closing the learning gap by increasing access to enriched education experiences.

In 1998, we were founded as The After-School Corporation (TASC) through a challenge grant from the Open Society Foundations and created the nation’s first citywide system of K-12 after-school programs. Over time, we leveraged public and private dollars to turn that initial investment into $752 million – just over a 6:1 match.

More importantly, in that time we have grown to support a network of nearly 100 school-community partnerships throughout the five boroughs that implement our model for expanded learning and improve student outcomes in the following ways:

of our students show growth in social and emotional skills
Students in our mature schools show
2x More Growth
in math and English language arts than students citywide
We’ve improved attendance at
the rate of schools citywide
More than
of our parents, teachers and students feel strongly connected to their school
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