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The Expanded Exchange

Design2Learn kicks off year 2!

ExpandED Schools

By Emma Banay, Design2Learn Program Manager, and Sabrina Gomez, Director of ExpandED STEM Opportunities at ExpandED Schools. The 2017 Design2Learn Summer Institute at New York Hall of Science was ... read more

Standing Up for What's Right | LiteracyConnections

Rachel Roseberry

Rachel Roseberry is the Literacy Manager at ExpandED Schools.  (Image: The Art of the Possible by Edward Keenan, Illustrated by Julie McLaughlin) This post is part of our LiteracyC ... read more

Send a Note to a 6th Grader, Impact a Future!

Deb Levy

Deb Levy is the Director of Marketing & Communications at ExpandED Schools.If you could go back in time, what would you say to your adolescent self? “We are opening the world for students b ... read more

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