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The Expanded Exchange

Looking Back to Look Ahead: Reflections from Every Hour Counts’ Racial Equity Training

Ally Margolis

Ally Margolis is the Policy & Communications Manager at Every Hour Counts.Every Hour Counts leaders took part in racial equity training, facilitated by the Racial Equity Institute and held at the ... read more

Advancing STEM Education for All in New York City

Emma Banay

 Emma Banay is the Director of STEM Programs at ExpandED Schools.The City's largest network of STEM educators united this year to transform STEM education of New York City's children. Through fiv ... read more

Preparing New York City’s Young People for Careers

Saskia Traill

Saskia Traill is Senior Vice President at ExpandED Schools.New York City is at a unique moment to advance career readiness for young people, and the NYC STEM Education Network can be a leader in the C ... read more

New York City STEM Education Network Pursues Social Justice

Emma Banay

 ExpandED Schools has had the honor of facilitating the New York City STEM Education Network for the past seven years. The Network serves as a catalyst for new ideas, partnerships and collaborati ... read more

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