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Help Here with Social-Emotional Learning

Rebecca Forbes

Rebecca Forbes is TASC's Research Programs Specialist.

Research CornerAs emerging research and dialogue breathe new life into social and emotional learning, TASC is working to support schools with measuring and developing in students positive habits of mind like grit, resilience and optimism. Our research into effective tools to measure these dimensions led us to construct a student-focused survey that combines the DESSA-Mini with selected measures from the KIPP Character Growth Card. The survey, completed by community educators and/or teachers, was first introduced to ExpandED Schools in the 2012-13 academic year.

We soon found that data wasn’t the only thing in demand. With the release today of Social and Emotional Learning: A Resource Guide, TASC offers an informative toolkit for use by schools and their community partners. Our intention is to drive discussion and build awareness of a wide range of resources designed to foster kids’ social and emotional growth. We point to tools from a diverse group that includes policymakers such as CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning), developers of evidence-based curricula programs including Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, and such idea-generators as Edutopia.

As ExpandED Schools develop, we’re excited to gather new insights into measuring and implementing effective social and emotional learning. Interested in learning more about the field for your own work? Start by using this resource guide to build out your knowledge base.

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