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Holy Guacamole! A Visit From Chipotle Inspires Healthy Eating

ExpandED Schools

This is a guest blog by Shawnia White, Educational Alliance P.S. 64 Program Coordinator. 


Last week, Chipotle visited P.S. 64 Educational Alliance during the expanded day with its RAD Lands initiative to show just how delicious it can be to eat healthy. In the beginning, many students were very resistant to the idea of spending the afternoon tasting vegetables and fruits. But guest Chef Anne Cooper and Chef Robert Blais quickly changed students’ views and opinions.

Kids tried fruits they had never heard of, the biggest jaw-dropper being the various kinds of apples and carrots. They were amazed by the different colors and the different tastes. Students learned to make guacamole from scratch and, for many, it was their first time even tasting it. During dismissal, students were overheard asking their parents if they could make guacamole over the weekend. The kids enjoyed the tote bags they received, which included light-up sunglasses and rings, carrots, an avocado and an orange.

Enjoy these photos!

Holy Guacamole! A Visit From Chipotle

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