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Impact That Matters: Deloitte Volunteers Visit an ExpandED School

Erin Phillips

Erin Phillips is a Development Officer at ExpandED Schools.

Deloitte Volunteers at ExpandED Schools' PS 188

Volunteers from Deloitte visited ExpandED students at PS 188/The Island School as part of the company's Impact Day, a celebration of commitment to local communities. 

Imagine over 20,000 people around the U.S. dropping everything on the same day to engage with local nonprofits and make an impact that matters to the communities in which they live and work. On June 10th, Deloitte member firms did just that with their annual Impact Day, a national day of service and celebration of their year-round commitment to volunteerism. Here in New York City, our Junior Board member and Deloitte consultant, Omar Njie, initiated a partnership so that one of our schools, PS 188/The Island School, could host an Impact Day for 23 enthusiastic young professional volunteers.

The day was jam-packed with activities from reading to robotics to sewing to tidying up the library. The first stop was a 2nd grade classroom where Deloitte purchased the book Hooway for Wodney Wat for each student. To say these children were excited to hear they got to keep the book was an understatement! The students sat clustered in groups of four and took turns reading to the volunteers. One volunteer exclaimed, “I’m learning more from them than they’re learning from me!”

The next stop was to an elective class with 4th graders where the volunteers helped students with their sewing projects and engineering activities, such as making a dress and building a robotic car. One 4th grader had already honed her talent and was in the process of sewing a dress that looked professionally made, so much so that her teacher wanted to buy it from her once it was completed! In a school where 48% of the students are homeless, elective classes such as these are crucial in teaching students career skills that they can pursue later in life. During this class one volunteer stated, “The kids are so excited and this brings back a lot of memories from when I was a child…I loved to sew.” Said another volunteer, “When you do something like this, it really puts your life and priorities in perspective.”

The final activity brought the volunteers to the library where they helped organize and clean. The school’s administration was very grateful to the group for their efforts, saying, “We had a wonderful day with the Deloitte volunteers! They were an incredible support for our students and school. We love partnering with groups like this to serve our kids.”

Overall the day was a huge success and a truly memorable one for both students and volunteers. The kids were excited to show off their hard work to a group of enthusiastic young professionals visiting their school, and the Deloitte volunteers came away with a deeper understanding of the learning gap and the work that ExpandED Schools does to ensure that all kids, from every zip code, get opportunities to discover their talents and develop their full potential.

If you are interested in other volunteer opportunities at ExpandED Schools, please contact Erin Phillips at volunteer@expandedschools.org


See below for more photos from Impact Day at PS 188.

Deloitte Volunteers at PS 188

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