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Introducing 'ExpandED Pathways: Computer Science'

Erin Phillips

Erin Phillips is a Development Officer at ExpandED Schools.

(Image: richerpicture.com)

Thanks to generous funding from the Carroll and Milton Petrie Foundation and Google.org, ExpandED Schools is launching ExpandED Pathways: Computer Science, an initiative designed with a dual purpose to strengthen and grow both the pipeline of individuals prepared and qualified to teach in NYC public schools and the supply of effective computer science (CS) specialists working in after-school and expanded learning programs.

This project is in partnership with Hostos Community College, LaGuardia Community College, New York City Department of Education and several community-based after-school/expanded learning providers. ExpandED Pathways: CS will recruit, train and mentor four cohorts, with 20 participants each. These cohorts, totaling 80 college students, will take a 45-hour course in teaching CS at a City University of New York (CUNY) community college, and will receive targeted coaching and support to align their work and studies and encourage persistence.

CS Fellows will be placed in paid, part-time jobs with non-profit, community-based after-school/expanded learning providers, where they will teach CS to upper elementary and middle school students. Mentors would support them through individual and group interaction throughout their placement.


Our project objectives are to:

  • Create a credit-bearing course for aspiring educators that better prepares them for their career interests.

  • Raise earning potential for community college students working in after-school/expanded learning jobs by teaching them skills with market demand.

  • Increase community college students’ understanding of career pathways into teaching.

  • Increase the rate of community college students successfully transferring to four-year college.


This initiative is currently in the planning and recruitment stage and training will begin this fall. For more information, contact Laura Scheck, Senior Director of Capacity Building, or Steve Roberts, STEM Manager.


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