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Join Us on Leap Day and Make the Most of Extra Time

Deb Levy

Deb Levy is Director of Communications & Marketing at ExpandED Schools. 

ExpandED Schools has just launched a Leap Day campaign to raise awareness of the learning gap and encourage everyone to make the most of extra time.

Why Leap Day?

Early astronomers reimagined time to give us an extra day every four years. At ExpandED Schools, we reimagine time to give kids extra opportunities every day of the week. By adding time and enrichments to the school day, we help close the learning gap. It’s like every day is Leap Day in ExpandED Schools. (Watch this 59-second video to see what we mean.)


How can you make the most of extra time and make a difference for kids in need?

Share the Day
  • Please donate a tweet or Facebook post to encourage your followers to close the learning gap and make the most of extra time. It’s easy. Just click here to get to our Thunderclap page, and sign up to support our campaign. On Leap Day, we’ll rally communities in New York City and around the country to celebrate extra time by making the most of an #ExpandEDyear. And making a difference for kids in need.
Enrich Your Day
  • You can also visit our Leap Day webpage where you’ll learn about all the ways we’ll be making the most of an #ExpandEDyear. You’ll find a bonus day bucket list, including activities to learn about Leap Day, and template to share an #unselfie. 


Thanks so much for joining us!


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