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MediaBreaker -- Talk Back to Media!

Francisco Cervantes

Francisco Cervantes is the Digital Learning Manager at ExpandED Schools.

This past school year, ExpandED Schools, in partnership with The LAMP (Learning About Multimedia Project), implemented Connect2Tech with MediaBreaker to equip teams of educators with the skills and confidence to lead technological activities that engage middle school students in digital media activities. These lessons are designed to build:

  • 21st Century Skills: Collaboration, critical thinking, identifying persuasive techniques/stereotypes, criticizing information and citing sources

  • Video Production Skills: Editing and remixing audio, storyboarding and locating source media material via the use of MediaBreaker, a free, fair use and cloud-based video editing tool developed by The LAMP  

Guide to Critical Commentary, from MediaBreaker and The LAMP

Educator teams, consisting of two classroom teachers and four community educators, have developed a collection of lesson plans that use MediaBreaker and build on the notion of “critical remix,” the practice of making something by building on existing projects or ideas and reshaping the original message. These custom lesson plans include opportunities for students to deconstruct the implicit and explicit messaging in commercials and print advertisements, as well as reconstruct original videos from their own perspectives. We share these lesson plans below to show how educators can apply critical remix strategies using digital media to address sensitive topics such as sexism.

The following links are “playlists” that include activities and checkpoints, along with relevant resources for facilitating MediaBreaker activities. These activities have been developed by the SONYC after-school team at Kingsbridge Heights Community Center at Tech International Charter School in the Bronx. They have been digitized using PowerMyLearning Connect – a free platform for driving personalized instruction and self-directed learning, where users can find activities in all K-12 subjects that are aligned to Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards.


Connect2Tech with MediaBreaker is funded by The New York Community Trust and The Mozilla Foundation. For more information, please contact Francisco Cervantes


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