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One in a Million: Business Projects and Best Advice

ExpandED Schools

We’re reaching our 1 millionth student this school year! This blog is part of a series where we journey throughout our expanded learning schools network and get to know some of our students. Meet Modesty, a 6th grader in the Bronx. She’s 1 in a million! Modesty

“Advisory is a class where we do projects and research things on the laptops. And then we present them in front of the class. When we stand in front of the Smart Board, we can’t stand there and face it the whole time. We have to memorize our speech or use little cards and face our friends.

In that class, we’re working on a business project. I want to have a fashion store with a bakery inside it. I would need to use math to figure out the area and how much space it would take up.

My best advice is never change for anyone. Be yourself no matter what happens. Don’t judge people just because of how they look or act. You don’t know what they’ve been through in their life.”




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