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One in a Million: Fashion Design, Protecting Your Heart, and Having Fun

ExpandED Schools

We reached our 1 millionth student this school year! This blog is part of a series where we journey throughout our expanded learning schools network and get to know some of our students. Meet Bianca, who just finished 6th grade in Queens. She’s 1 in a million! 

 “I want to be a fashion designer. I like to draw a lot and ideas just come into my head. I like fancy stuff with a lot of colors. My favorite subject is art. We talk about cultures, ancient cultures. Right now we’re doing anti-bullying posters to enter into a contest. Last year, I experienced bullying. It was really hard. At school, I acted like I didn’t care, but when I got home, I just started crying. I talked to my aunt. She told me that if kids were bullying me, they were being hurt themselves. And they just want to make you feel the way they are feeling.

Three words to describe myself would be crazy, funny and smart. My friends tell me that I’m really fun. I laugh a lot and make a lot of jokes. My best friend wants to join the Sports and Arts expanded day because when she goes home after school, she just watches TV. I tell her that expanded day is really fun and she shouldn’t just stay home not doing anything.” 




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