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One in a Million: Holiday Sneakers and Cures for Ebola

ExpandED Schools

We’re reaching our 1 millionth student this school year! This blog is part of a series where we journey throughout our expanded learning schools network and get to know some of our students. Meet Dante, a 6th grader in Harlem. He’s 1 in a million! 


“My favorite expanded day activity is sports, but also I love art, too. In art, we’re making new sneakers for Nike. I hope that I win the contest so that I can be known around the world. I’m naming my sneakers the Trick or Treats because they’re black and orange. Halloween and Christmas are my favorite holidays. The next sneakers I’d make would be for Christmas, and then the third pair would be for St. Patrick’s Day, because my birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day.

I’m pretty bad at basketball. But I like trying and that’s what makes me feel good about myself. When I got my first basketball, my dad took me to the park and taught me how to shoot and dribble. I can shoot, but I’m not that good at dribbling. I really like soccer. I’m good at it. I can kick the ball and dribble it.

My attitude surprises me sometimes. I get angry easily. I also get happy, and as usual, I get sassy, too. My friends help me with my anger. They try to calm me down. It really works most of the time. They tell me, “It’s not worth it. You don’t want to get in trouble with your mom.” She’s really tough, but she’s also really nice most of the time.

One problem I want to solve is when people speak their mind. Words are really hurtful and they cause a lot of problems. The second problem is the KKK. When there was segregation, that was not good. Because during segregation, many people couldn’t go to each other’s schools. But look where we are now after the American heroes stopped segregation. It’s important for world peace.

I want to be a scientist when I grow up so I can be rich and provide for my parents in their old age. I don’t want to be a mad scientist like in The Walking Dead who creates zombie apocalypses. I want to find cures for diseases like Ebola. Every scientist tries to solve a problem.”



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