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One in a Million: Letting people see who you really are

ExpandED Schools

We’re reaching our 1 millionth student this school year! This blog is part of a series where we journey throughout our expanded learning schools network and get to know some of our students. Meet Aaron, a 9th grader in the Bronx. He’s 1 in a million! 

“I started playing the keyboard when I was about 3 years old. It came naturally. I also do a bit of other percussion – drums, congas. When I grow up, I’d like to be a musician. I’d be in a recording studio – either composing my own stuff or playing for other artists – or live gigs. I do music in the expanded day program – recording studio, with Mr. Hamilton. He teaches the fundamentals, the roots, the background of different genres of music that we still listen to today. He teaches us how to produce and what a melody and frequency are.

I’d describe myself as humble, kind and talented. I also have many other ways to describe myself. And my best advice to other kids is to pursue what you like and don’t let anybody take your rights from you. You stand for your own self. Pursue what you love and live with it and through that. Let people see who you really are and you will positively affect the lives of many.”  



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