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One in a Million: Light feet, scary stories and surviving in the woods

ExpandED Schools

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We’re reaching our 1 millionth student this school year! This blog is first in a series where we journey throughout our expanded learning schools network and get to know some of our students. Meet Shawn, a 7th grader in the Bronx. He’s 1 in a million! 

“I am tall enough for my height. I am funny, courageous, adventurous, smart and some people would call me a little bit over exaggerated. I like to tell stories, and I write stories in notebooks at home. They’re mostly scary stories because I’m a big horror fan.

I have several favorite classes. I like Humanities. We do reading and annotating, finding the main story line, the details. We’re reading about 1776. I also like art. I’m not a big artist, my sister is, but I’m this huge fan of colors. I like color pencils because they’re light and easy to work with. And paintbrushes. I want people to see what I’m drawing, but not so clearly that they already know what it is before they see it.

In extended day, I love dancing. We’re learning light feet, toe up … she’s teaching us about dances that have evolved from a long time ago. My muscles hurt afterwards because we practice anywhere from five minutes to a whole hour.

I’m surprised at how flexible I am and how fast I could be. In martial arts I get to be fast. I started martial arts before I started dance, so that got me ready for dance. When we do sparring, I am moving so fast. Dance and martial arts are similar because of the techniques you have to remember. With dance, you have to remember all the performance moves. With martial arts, you have to remember all of your attacks and defense. It has to come naturally in your mind because you don’t have time to prepare.

I like to try different things. That’s why one of my friends calls me adventurous. He has a book with questions and one of the questions is: who would survive in the woods? He put me.”



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