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Our Growing School Network Drives Innovation

Monica Ingkavet

Monica Ingkavet is Vice President of Expanded Learning Schools at ExpandED Schools. 

New to our network, the Eagle Academy for Young Men of Harlem partners with Sheltering Arms to expand the learning day.

Our network of expanded learning schools is … expanding! We now support close to 50 schools that are dedicated to closing the learning gap by expanding the school day, partnering with a community-based organization and offering students enriched educational experiences in STEM subjects, the arts, sports and character-building activities.

What I love about our growing network of schools is the opportunity we have to learn from each other. Every time I visit a school, I come away with something that informs and enriches our work.

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Last week, I was fortunate to visit the Eagle Academy for Young Men of Harlem, a school new to our network. Eagle’s community partner is Sheltering Arms, and they expand the day for over 100 students (their whole 6th grade and some 7th and 8th graders, as well).

On this visit, one of the things that struck me was how the Site Director created weekly lesson plans for the community educators to implement during the Leadership period of the expanded day. We have heard from some directors that their community educators struggle with creating daily lesson plans for multiple activities. The fact that the Leadership lesson plans were crafted for the staff ahead of time allowed the educators more time to create lesson plans for their other enrichments such as step dance, sports, chess and music. 

While visiting classrooms during Leadership, I saw confident staff leading structured lessons, and engaged students having enriching conversations. Both students and staff seemed happy to be there on a Thursday afternoon at 4:00pm. And I was, too. It reinvigorated my drive to continue supporting our schools in their expanded day efforts.


Our ExpandED Schools Network is a community of practice where we are continuously growing and learning about how best to enrich the lives of students to support their success. On December 19th we will be hosting our 2nd Peer Conference of the year – it is an opportunity for our expanded day directors to come together to share their ideas, help each other solve problems and develop their professional skills. 


There's a way for you to help us bring expanded learning to even more students!



This is amazing, Happy to see an amazing agency & program offering such great programming to our young men.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting! We're inspired by all of our students and strive to give them the opportunities they need to grow.

this is awesome

Thank you for your support!


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