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Send a Note to a 6th Grader, Impact a Future!

Deb Levy

Deb Levy is the Director of Marketing & Communications at ExpandED Schools.

If you could go back in time, what would you say to your adolescent self? 

“We are opening the world for students by introducing them to new places and new career paths. We are also letting them know that they are not alone. No matter where we’ve come from, we’ve all gone through adolescence. It is awkward. But it is also a time of great promise, with the brain developing at such a rapid pace and capable of remarkable growth.”

- Lucy Friedman, President and Founder of ExpandED Schools

Now you’ve got that chance! Not to time travel, but to impart words of wisdom and encouragement to a 6th grader on his or her first days of middle school. In 45 seconds, you can customize a simple message to a student in one of our middle schools.

Growth mindset studies reveal that students who receive encouragement show significant improvements both in their beliefs about their ability to be successful, as well as their actual academic performance.

Just click here to fill in the blanks of a pre-written letter sharing personal tidbits such as your favorite subject, what you wanted to be when you grew up and the best advice you ever received.

Sixth grade students in ExpandED Schools will receive these customized notes in their first weeks of school and teachers will have lesson plans with ways to engage students in discussions about geography, history, writing and careers. 

So brighten a tween’s start to middle school and, in doing so, make an impact on his or her future.


Click here to send a note today.




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