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Squad's Goals: How We'll Use 'Growth Mindset' in 2017 | A Staff Round-up

Therese Workman

Therese Workman is Senior Manager of Digital Content Strategies at ExpandED Schools.

Happy New Year! 'Tis the season for self-reflection, optimism and resolution-making. But what's the key to keeping those January promises you make to yourself?

While many articles and studies may cite different tips, hints or strategies to set achievable goals, the common thread they share -- which resonates with our own support of social and emotional learning in our schools -- is that having a growth mindset makes all the difference. That is, believing in personal change is a major part of achieving that change. And taking time to set intentions at the outset can have measurable and tangible results.  

We surveyed the staff to learn what kinds of changes they'd like to make in their lives this year. Check out some of our 2017 goals:

"I'm going to try to use our advocacy principles in my personal life: Be credible, thoughtful, balanced and transparent." - Saskia Traill, Senior Vice President, Policy & Research

“I’m connecting with others (online and in person) to set my mind and act in a more socially responsible, purposeful way, exercising more courage, vulnerability and leadership. I have four communities lined up to learn and act with me.” - Jama Toung, Chief Development Officer

“I plan to apologize less and be more thankful for my wonderful colleagues, family and friends (e.g., 'Thank you for understanding I can't make it and for sending notes' instead of 'Sorry I can't attend your meeting').” - Jen Curry, Chief Operating Officer

“I will make time for lessons/tutoring to brush up on my Spanish.” - Erin Phillips, Development Officer

“I plan on making a concerted effort to stay in better touch with people from my childhood, college and early days in the city. Facebook doesn’t count.” - Deb Levy, Director of Communications and Marketing

“I’m going to try to be more open to technology and read more poems. (Perhaps even learn some by heart.)” - Lucy Friedman, President 

“I will be more mindful of myself and those around me.- Charles Yoo, Development Associate

“I will travel out of the country at least once quarterly in 2017.” - Denise Temple, Program Manager

“Plan less, go with the flow more and listen more: to others, to music, to myself.”
- Katie Brohawn, Senior Director of Research

"My journey for 2017 – and beyond: to make my social justice interests more actionable, to take more chances, fearlessly, and to be a guest host on Turner Classic Movies!" - Deborah Taylor, High School/Middle School Program Manager


Did you set any for yourself? Let us know in the comments!



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