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Top 20 Tweets From #EducationNation

Jess Tonn

Education Nation Tweets

Like many of you, I spent a good part of Monday and Tuesday following Education Nation from the comfort of my desk chair. Kudos to NBC for bringing us all into the conversation via individual session hashtags and ongoing webcasts.

NBC didn’t devote a panel to expanding learning time, but to quote my SF-Giants-loving husband, “there’s always next year.” In the meantime, we did hear shout-outs for a longer school day/year from Cory Booker, Bill Clinton and Geoff Canada. Way to represent.

And now for my top 20 favorite tweets from the event (in no particular order):

pencilprez: Sec. Duncan: education is an investment, it is not an expense. #educationnation

Joy_Resmovits: @arneduncan: "Education has to be the great equalizer. .. Every child in this country deserves a world-class education." #educationnation

TeacherReality: It's not just hunger that impacts student learning; it's all those ills that go w/poverty: transportation, housing, medical #educationnation

@scienceesl: #EducationNation: I want to be judged on what my students can do in life, not what they can do on a standardized test.

SavetheChildren: ROI on investing in #children! For every $ invested in a child, there is a $16 pay-off by the time they finish #school. #BrainEdNat

gothamschools: Amazing graphic of a baby's brain when it is talked to. "Millions of neurons" light up in real time #educationnation #brainednat

SuSaw: @DrNancyNBCNews sez in first 2000 days, a child's brain is waiting to learn, 90% developed by age 5 #brainednat #educationnation

DA_magazine: "It's the things we don't have metrics for that matter the most with kids,"- Ravitch @EducationNation #edreformednat

theblueengine: Diplomas = Dollars. If even 1/2 of #highschool #dropouts graduated, they would add $9.6B to our GDP. http://ht.ly/6F8Z3 #educationnation

CedarHillMom: You cannot be a great city without a good public school system. #educationnation

woscholar: #educationnation Why not hold a presidential debate focused solely on education? Let educators and students create the questions.

deborahgist: As early as second grade girls learn our US stereotype that girls don't do as well in math as boys. #EducationNation

WK_Kellogg_Fdn: Best entry point for parent engagement is birth-5-that's when parents want to learn the most about supporting kids learning #educationnation

mamaknowsitall: Lebron James: The support systems for students have to go beyond the school day. Think mentors, coaches, etc. #educationnation

CLFernandez: Largest gathering of governors (10) outside of NGA. 1 woman, no people of color. Just 1 of many reasons to address equity #educationnation

radafilmgroup: @PedroANoguera: "We compound the [economic] inequities at home by not addressing the inequities at school” #educationnation

teachnypl: Pres. Clinton makes the point that if you lose arts & sports, you lose opportunities for understanding of math, science, ELA #educationnation

ErikaMasonhall: In closing @NBCNews #educationnation, Brian Williams says: "I don't think I've been prouder of anything we've done."

sgermeraad: Bill Clinton: "poverty can't be an excuse to not make every school better" #educationnation #edreform

And last, but not least, let me add this to the list of reasons why I love Brian Williams:

Joy_Resmovits: Brian Williams to Alaska Gov. Parnell: "We can see Staten Island from here." #educationnation cc @sarahpalinusa

These 20 tweets represent a mere fraction of the thousands that were sent over the two days. What did I miss?

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