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What's Lucy Reading?

Lucy Friedman

Lucy Friedman is president of ExpandED Schools.

A year ago, I discussed Pendred E. Noyce’s book Magnificent Minds that profiled 16 women who have made major contributions to the sciences. There’s a companion book now, Remarkable Minds: 17 More Pioneering Women in Science and Medicine. By continuing to highlight the accomplishments of women who have overcome societal obstacles and made major scientific breakthroughs, we may inspire a new generation of girls who will one day be featured in a similar collections of profiles. 

American Institutes for Research released a brief that explores the growing focus on social-emotional learning (SEL), something we have long championed. Linking Schools and Afterschool Through Social and Emotional Learning offers suggestions for ways that schools and after-school and expanded learning programs can work together to nurture these critical skills in young people. School/community partnerships are a core component of ExpandED Schools because of the capacity and philosophy of community organizations in fostering youth development. We are pleased that educators and employers are increasingly recognizing the value of social-emotional learning in a young person’s development.


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