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STEM Shout-Out to Thurgood Marshall Academy

Saskia Traill

Kids at Thurgood Marshall Academy Lower School check out the stars over Manhattan using a telescope they built themselves.I don’t know if Justice Thurgood Marshall was interested in science or techn ... read more

New Directions for Youth Development

Saskia Traill

The next issue of the journal New Directions for Youth Development focuses on expanded learning time and is a great addition to the ELT canon.TASC contributed a chapter and I was on a webinar hosted b ... read more

Reflections on the Council of the Great City Schools Conference

Saskia Traill

I spent a cold and rainy day in Boston to attend the Council of the Great City Schools national conference. Over 1,000 people registered, a mix of school district personnel, non-profit organizations a ... read more

"I Just Want to Learn Things, You Know?"

Saskia Traill

I recently had a 17-year-old attending an urban public high school (not in New York City) staying with me for a couple of days. I asked him how school was going. He said he was so bored he could hardl ... read more

Delivering on the Promise of Public Education

Saskia Traill

The phrase “delivering on the promise of public education” came up in a meeting recently, and has stuck with me. What can each of us do to deliver on the promise of public education?I was lucky to ... read more

Syracuse is a STEM City

Saskia Traill

I spent the day with leaders in Syracuse discussing how to get more science, technology, engineering and math—STEM—into all kinds of expanded learning opportunities. It was a wonderfully diverse c ... read more


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