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Apply to Pathways Fellowship

Why Diversifying NYC's Teacher Workforce Matters

Published evidence suggests that the lack of diversity among teachers may contribute to the achievement gap. According to the Learning Policy Institute, students of color who study with a teacher of color perform three to six percentile points higher on reading and math tests than those without.  While great teachers undoubtedly come from all backgrounds, and a person’s race is certainly not a prerequisite for being effective in the classroom, we know that teacher diversity is important for our children, for our teachers, for our schools, and for our communities. By becoming a teacher, you can build a great career while being a force for educational equity.

Why Apply to the Pathways Fellowship

Do you feel compelled to make a difference in your community or marginalized communities that are in dire need of support? Do you feel that you can be a beacon of hope in students’ lives in and outside of the classroom? Are you currently feeling the urge to be a change maker in children lives? Do you want to reshape the education system so that it is equipped to support Black and Brown students inclusively and equitably? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you should consider joining the Pathways Fellowship, a career pathways program designed to holistically cultivate aspiring educators of color! 

About the Pathways Fellowship 

The Pathways Fellowship is a 10-month program designed to provide young men and women of color, who are currently enrolled in or recently graduated college, with an enriching experience that offers: professional development workshops, an after-school practicum, early career support, mentorship, and networking opportunities. 

Program Benefits

Early Career Training and Support

As a program participant, you will have the opportunity to receive training in instructional and classroom management techniques which leads to applying those skills in your after-school practicum. Apart from the after-school practicum, you will receive career advisement to support your successful placement in a New York City public school classroom via a traditional certification program, alternative certification program or teaching residency.


All fellows are partnered with a trained mentor teacher based on a reflective matching protocol that considers the needs and aspirations of each fellow. Mentors support in the development of new teacher effectiveness, build teacher leadership, increase student learning, support equitable outcomes for every learner and support the fellows as they develop their teacher identity.

Paid After-School Practicum

Through partnerships with community-based organizations, program participants will be placed at after-school programs in one of the following boroughs: Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, or Queens. In addition, participants can earn $17 to $20 / per hour while they complete the after-school practicum at their respective field placements sites and professional development trainings.

Networking Opportunities

Pathways Fellows will have the opportunity to network with educators, school leaders, and other education-related professionals to get an in-depth understanding of the teaching profession.

Past Alumni Success

Since its inception in 2016, the Pathways Fellowship has seen graduates join Teach for America, New York City Teaching Fellows, New York City Teaching Collaborative, and East Harlem Tutorial Program Teaching Residency.



Ideal Attributes of a Pathways Fellow: 

Committed to becoming an excellent teacher. This fellowship aims to cultivate an enriching learning environment for a diverse group of aspiring educators. So, you can leave the fellowship with the mindset of becoming an excellent.

Adaptable, Creative and Resilient. Systemic issues exist within the education ecosystem that disproportionately impact students of color. We seek applicants that are aware of these various social injustices and are problem solvers that can think outside of the box to ensure students' needs are met. 

Willing and Flexible. This fellowship requires fellows to attend prescheduled professional development training and participate weekly in an afterschool practicum.

Engaged in Deeper Learning. Embrace learning with curiosity and the desire to master new skills. Learning and contributing are integral pillars of this fellowship which provide fellows with pedagogical foundations for skill development, foundational learning, and student-centered approaches. 

Curious and Insightful. The ability to have four-dimensional thinking towards viewing a complex problem.

Confident and Coachable. We strive to create the ideal learning experience for everyone. That requires everyone to show up as their authentic selves while being supported through your learner’s edge. 

Communicative. This is vital to the culture we aim to create within the fellowship and allows everyone to leverage the various relationships built in the fellowship. It is expected that fellows will communicate regularly with their mentor, track’s program manager and other stakeholders involved with the fellowship. Engage in active listening, seek follow up, actively vocalize your needs, and seek to ensure you get your needs met.

Program Requirements

To be considered you must:

  • Be enrolled in a CUNY or a college/university in the New York City metro area

  • Be a rising senior who expects to graduate in the spring of 2023 or a rising junior who expects to graduate in spring of 2024

  • Be committed to becoming a New York City public school teacher

  • Have a minimum 3.0 grade point average (special consideration may be given to individuals who do not meet this requirement)

  • Be able to satisfy pre-employment screening, including employment eligibility verification and background checks by related agencies, such as New York City Department of Education and Department of Health

If you have graduated within the past three years with a bachelor’s degree you are also eligible to apply for the Pathways Fellowship.

Time Commitment

As a participant you will be required to:

  • Actively participate and contribute to the Fellowship from August 2022 to June 2023

  • Attend professional development workshops at ExpandED Schools

  • Participate in a paid afterschool practicum from Monday through Friday from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

How to Apply

The application process for the 2022-2023 school year is currently open. Click here to apply