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Enhance the Learning

With increased emphasis on standardized testing, too often the arts, physical fitness and engaging electives are the first activities to be cut. When schools have to whittle their curriculum, they narrow opportunity and exposure when they should be expanding it.

A Range of Offerings

By leveraging time and community resources, we build enrichment back into the school day. Students have the opportunity to discover new talents in a wide range of electives – from salsa dance to science experiments, robotics to comic book creation, band club to debate.

At ExpandED Schools, kids get the learning supports and well-rounded curriculum we all want for our children.


art icon

Our schools use the arts to reinforce learning through interdisciplinary lessons that blend visual and performing arts with history, culture, math and reading. And these experiences spark creativity, foster teamwork and instill confidence.


sports icon

Research shows that daily exercise improves kids’ physical health and boosts their reasoning and math skills. Yet schools in communities of concentrated poverty are the most likely to have recess eliminated and those students often have limited opportunities to be active outside of school. Our schools make time for regular sports and movement.


science icon

STEM industries hold the jobs of the future. Hands-on, real-world experiences in robotics and coding spark student curiosity and inspire discovery of new passions.

Customized for Each School Community

With 35% more learning time available to work with, schools, their community partners and families sit down together to set explicit goals for school improvement and student advancement. Then they program the school day with more small-group instruction, perhaps a jazz ensemble, hands-on science experiences – whatever meets the needs and interests of their particular student body.