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Expand the Day

Kids need more learning time in order to succeed in today’s global marketplace. (And working parents need a safe haven and engaging environment for their kids.) An extra 2.5 hours each school day adds up to 450 more hours of learning each year.

How can schools afford a longer day?

We help schools partner with strong youth-serving community organizations to maximize their combined resources. The result is 35% more learning time at only 10% more cost. We help schools tap existing local, state and federal funding streams that support education and healthy development, and we help them raise private funding. Discover how we pay for more learning.

How do we expand opportunities for kids who need them the most?

We work in underserved schools, and aspire to whole-grade or whole-school participation to ensure that we reach all kids and not just those whose parents choose to opt in. This also allows for a more seamless integration between academics and enrichments.

Why should academics and enrichment be integrated?

In an ExpandED school, an art project in the afternoon may build upon an English lesson learned earlier in the day. Or the school day might begin with yoga or dance, which neuroscience has shown improves cognitive function. In this way, students develop a love of learning and stronger engagement with their school.

What does an expanded day look like?

Drama, music, sports, academics, STEM and supper ... we're feeding kids' minds and bodies in expanded learning time. Here’s how one Baltimore ExpandED school schedules a longer day for third graders:

 Hilton Expanded Day Schedule