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STEM Education

Through a portfolio of STEM initiatives, ExpandED Schools trains afterschool educators to provide young people with engaging and meaningful STEM enrichment.  Recognizing the barriers to representation, participation, and access for young people of color, especially girls, in the STEM fields -- rooted in systemic racism and perpetuated through personal biases -- it is urgent to support opportunities for youth to engage in sophisticated, contextualized inquiry that centers and affirms their racial and STEM-based identities. 

ExpandED Schools believes STEM enrichment should provide youth with choice, be purposefully driven by STEM content that connects to young people’s worlds and interests, and embrace the very best of youth development.  Finally, ExpandED Schools believes that STEM education – both in and out of school – should support students’ ability to solve relevant and important problems and develop a full and informed range of choices in adulthood. We are honored to work closely with educators in afterschool, apprentice teachers who aspire to careers in formal education, and programmatic partners from across the city.

STEM Educators Academy

Emma Banay

Learn more about our STEM initiatives.

Email: Emma Banay
Director, ExpandED STEM Opportunities
or call (646) 943 8788

Classroom teachers and after-school educators join together to spark interest and cultivate curiosity in STEM subjects in this project. Collaborative teams of classroom teachers and after-school educators attend professional development at the New York Hall of Science. There they learn engineering-based design challenges that they team-teach in the afterschool, bringing STEM subjects alive for middle school youth. Sites are supported across a tiered model, receiving coaching, technical assistance, and a toolkit of design-based lesson plans for use in the program. 

STEM Educators Academy is supported by the Pinkerton Foundation, the Overdeck Family Foundation, and Anonymous Donors through Arabella Advisors. During 2016-2019, was the subject of a US Department of Education Investing in Innovation (i3) randomized control trial study called Design2Learn.  Results from the study are forthcoming.

Click here to download and explore our STEM Educators Academy 2020 Toolkit!

Click here to download and explore many more STEM lessons!

ExpandED Schools Pathways Fellowship: STEM and Computer Science Tracks

The Pathways Fellowship is a 10-month program designed to provide young men and women of color, who are currently enrolled in or recently graduated college, with an enriching experience that offers professional development workshops, an after-school practicum, early career support, mentorship, and networking opportunities. Fellows have the opportunity to choose a track that reflects who they aspire to be as an educator. 

The Computer Science and STEM tracks use the after school space as an experimental ground where fellows gain experience in elementary or middle school STEM and CS pedagogy and have the latitude to try out new instructional strategies while learning to teach under the mentorship of a certified teacher. 


NYC STEM Education Network

ExpandED Schools serves as the backbone organization for The NYC STEM Education Network.  The Network serves as a catalyst for new ideas, partnerships, and collaborative projects. These efforts, in turn, expand, enhance, and sustain STEM learning opportunities for all learners of all ages in New York City. We strive to ensure that all learners in New York will have the essential experience and skills needed to become career-ready, STEM-literate citizens. As our learners develop proficiency in critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, collaboration, and communication, they will be prepared to inherit and lead the future we are shaping for them. To this end, the NYC STEM Education Network promotes inclusivity, accessibility, and accountability while encouraging creativity and innovation.  You can learn more about the Network here.