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The Corning Incorporated Foundation


The Corning Incorporated Foundation

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Resources are directed almost exclusively toward initiatives which improve the quality of life in and near communities where Corning is active.

Funding is focused on the following areas:

Education - Selected public K-12 school districts, community colleges and four-year institutions of higher learning are funded. Program areas of involvement have included community service programs for students, curriculum enrichment, student scholarships, facility improvement and instructional technology projects for the classroom.

Cultural - assistance to institutions such as arts organizations, libraries, museums and public broadcasting stations.

Community Service - supports a variety of organizations that serve a broad base of constituents such as hospitals and hospices, community foundations, youth and women's centers, YMCAs, local youth organizations and selected United Ways.

National Programs - selected organizations that promote national, and sometimes international, understanding and good will, such as cultural endeavors, opportunities for improved quality of life, education, research and sharing of information.

Matching Gifts Program - aids specific not-for-profit institutions, such as colleges and universities that operate for the public good.