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Let's Play Playground Joint Use Grants


KaBoom! and Dr Pepper Snapple Group

Maximum Award: 


Joint Use Grants allow you to partner with local school districts to open school recreation facilities during non-school hours. $15,000 grants support the opening of at least four playgrounds, and $30,000 grants support the opening of at least eight playgrounds. Joint Use Grants are soley to for the creation or expansion of agreements to create new access to existing playgrounds. 

This grant is open to communities within the United States.  Eligibility requirements are:

  • Commit to convening a Play Task Force or Committee to support the joint use agreement.
  • Receive the support of the target school district administration (demonstrated by a letter of support and signature on the Letter of Agreement).
  • Have demonstrated experience working with coalitions and community partners.
  • The target school district has no independent, stand-alone joint use district policy currently in place, but could have joint use practices (as defined above) in place at one or more schools in the district.
  • The recipient must be willing to develop and pursue adoption of a stand-alone district level joint use policy.
  • Communities who receive a grant will have 12 months to implement the joint use agreement and utilize the grant funds. Grantees must provide a full budget at the end of the grant period.
  • Communities earning the grants will agree to demonstrate a match of at least 50% in the form of fundraised support, in-kind services and other funds. In-kind fees can include staff time and other resources devoted to this project.