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Louis Calder Foundation Grants


Louis Calder Foundation

Maximum Award: 

None specified

The Louis Calder Foundation seeks to promote the educational and scholastic development of children and youth by improving academic content at charter and parochial schools and at community based organizations.

The Louis Calder Foundation Trustees believe in the values afforded by a traditional academic curriculum. They believe that optimum academic and intellectual development will be achieved through the improvement of scholastic curricula to emphasize a uniform body of knowledge that all students should know. With a core curriculum, a set body of skills, knowledge and abilities is taught to all students.

The Foundation's grantmaking will focus on opportunities for schools and community based organizations in communities within the Northeast Corridor with populations no greater than 500,000 to undertake such efforts during the regular school hours as well as the out-of-school or extended-day hours.

New and existing charter schools, parochial schools and community based organizations are invited to submit a letter of inquiry with a summary of their plans to improve or initiate programs and projects designed to deliver classical education in areas of literacy, history, ethics, mathematics and the sciences.


General Academics