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Royal Caribbean Cruises Charitable Giving


Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Maximum Award: 

None specified

Royal Caribbean corporate giving offers monetary funding and in-kind cruise donations to registered nonprofit organizations that offer non-sectarian services to the entire community.

Priority areas for funding include:

  • Children & Families - Programs/groups geared to reach the underserved; this does not include health-related causes.
  • Education - Programs/groups that benefit as large a student group as possible are preferred, such as an entire school district, city, state or nation. Individual schools/PTOs/PTAs are not eligible.
  • Marine Conservation - Programs/groups committed to promoting sound environmental practices in the Marine world or enhancing environmental education programs in schools and communities. This does not include research grants.

The majority of giving is concentrated in port communities, especially Florida, the Caribbean, New York/New Jersey, California, Baltimore, Texas and Alaska. Application are reviewed on a quarterly basis and should be submitted via the Royal Caribbean application portal.