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Singing for Change


Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville

Maximum Award: 


Singing for Change grants focus on improving the quality of life for people and empowering individuals to make positive changes in their communities. Competitive grants are offered to progressive, community-based nonprofit organizations that address the root causes of social and environmental problems in the following areas:

  • Children and Families: Programs that are concerned with the health, education and protection of children and their families. Projects that foster self-esteem and self-sufficiency and that teach nonviolence and creative problem solving are most likely to be considered.
  • The Environment: Programs that promote environmental awareness and teach people methods of conservation, protection and the responsible use of natural resources.
  • Disenfranchised groups: Programs that help people overcome social or economic barriers to education or employment, promote the empowerment of individuals toward self-sufficiency, and provide opportunities for personal growth.

Proposals are by invitation only. A letter of interest must be submitted and organizations are notified if selected for further consideration. Grants of $1,000 and less may be awarded on the basis of the letter of interest without requiring a full proposal.