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WaysToHelp.org Grants



Maximum Award: 


WaysToHelp.org offers $500 grants to individuals with great ideas to address specific social issues, including the area of education and development.

Sample ideas given are:

Start a reading/tutoring program for younger kids.
Buy a number of books and start a book club for kids. Combine the idea of tutoring and discussion groups to bring the kids together to help each other read and discuss the books.

Start an after-school program in your school.
Contact programs like Youth Speaks (spoken word), Adobe Youth Voices (video production) or Junior Achievement (business skills) about starting an after-school program where you and your friends can learn new skills.

Organize a sports league.
Approach a group like the Boys & Girls Club or department of parks and recreation about adding a new sports league. Promote the league, take registration and organize weekly games for all the participants. Be sure to arrange for team shirts, referees, trophies, etc.

Start a project to promote art and/or theater to younger students.
Hold an art competition for younger students. Transfer images of the winning works to T-shirts or canvass bags. Publicize your project and sell the items to the public. Donate the funds raised to buying art supplies for your program or a needy school.


General Academics