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Wells Fargo Corporate Giving Program


Wells Fargo

Maximum Award: 

None specified

Wells Fargo makes contributions that support programs and organizations whose chief purpose is to benefit low- and moderate-income individuals and families.

Wells Fargo makes grants in two primary areas:

Community Development
They support the improvement of low- and moderate-income communities through programs that:

  • Create and sustain affordable housing
  • Facilitate financial literacy and empowerment
  • Provide job training and workforce development
  • Revitalize and stabilize communities

They support organizations and programs that:

  • Work to eliminate the pre-K-12th grade achievement gap in public education through curriculum-based or school-sponsored programs
  • Support post-secondary education

Wells Fargo also considers grants in the following areas:

Arts and Culture
They consider requests from organizations that work to enhance community diversity through:

  • Access to and participation in cultural experiences for low- and moderate-income individuals
  • Availability of a broad array of artistic opportunities and venues that reflect the community's diversity

Civic Engagement
They consider requests from organizations that work to enhance a community's quality of life through projects involving:

  • Public policy
  • Community beautification
  • Civic leadership
  • Citizen education
  • Cultural diversity

They are committed to building strong environmental practices through programs that:

  • Conserve natural resources
  • Protect endangered species
  • Preserve the global environment

Human Services
They consider requests from social and human service organizations that:

  • Enable and sustain independence for individuals and families
  • Ensure access to health education programs and quality health care