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Make the Most of Extra Time

Every Day Is Leap Day video

Early astronomers reimagined time to give us an extra day every four years. ExpandED Schools reimagines time to give kids extra opportunities every day of the week. What do we do with an expanded day? Create more joy. Spark curiosity. Uncover new talents. Close the learning gap.

What will you do with the extra day of this #ExpandEDyear? Here are three ways to celebrate Leap Day.


Enrich Your Day
  • BONUS DAY BUCKET LIST  Take a class, visit a museum, learn a new skill or discover a hidden part of the city. This list offers 100 ways to make the most of an #ExpandEDyear, including activities to learn about Leap Day.
Donate a Day
  • $8  That’s all it costs to provide a day of expanded learning. (You can help close the learning gap for five students for only $40. Or an entire class for $200.) Your support provides arts, sports and leadership-building activities for kids who would otherwise not have access to such enrichments.
Share the Day