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Bonus Day Bucket List

Click here to see a list of our Leap Day partner businesses.

Here are 100 ways to make the most of an #ExpandEDyear:

1. Take a class at the Brooklyn Brainery

2. Try a new fitness class at Pura Vida Urban Fitness

3. Learn about Design Thinking (and then take a crash course in it at the Design Gym!)

4. Take a dance class with Fit 4 Dance

5. Do yoga at Harlem Yoga Studio

6. Try a BollyX dance fitness class at the Mark Morris Dance Center

7. Give Meatless Monday a try

8. Get a massage

9. Learn about the origins of Leap Day

10. Watch a hockey game

11. See a show 

12. Take a cooking class

13. Volunteer

14. Go ice skating

15. Take a walk

16. Meditate

17. Visit a museum

18. Visit the Chelsea Market

19. Play leap frog or another fun Leap Day-inspired game or activity

20. Host a dinner party

21. Explore a hidden corner of your local park

22. Dine out at a new restaurant

23. Go bowling with friends

24. Buy a plant

25. Listen to a new podcast or TED talk

26. Binge watch a new series on Netflix

27. Take a bubble bath

28. Take a walk in a new neighborhood

29. Read a book cover to cover

30. Do karaoke

31. Host a wine tasting

32. Do your taxes

33. Embrace your inner Jedi and watch the entire Star Wars heptalogy

34. Purge your wardrobe and fill bags to donate

35. Explore the High Line Park

36. Visit all five boroughs in one day

37. Hop on (and off, and on again) a NYC sightseeing bus

38. Learn how to play an instrument using Google

39. Smile at a stranger

40. Buy a sandwich for someone on the street

41. Learn to code

42. Design a robot

43. Watch a famous speech on YouTube

44. Donate your gently read books to a school library

45. Write a letter (on real paper) to a long distance friend or relative

46. Practice cartwheels

47. Learn to twirl a baton

48. Jump rope

49. Skip down the sidewalk

50. Visit the New York Hall of Science



51. Go to an event at the NY Public Library

52. Try out a new exercise routine

53. Bake cookies

54. Discover a new book genre

55. Play Monopoly all the way through to the end

56. Build a tiny tree house out of Legos

57. Write a letter to the editor

58. Visit Ground Zero

59. Register to vote

60. Discover how others have spent their Leap Days through the years 

61. Daydream

62. Visit us in Times Square

63. Go on a hike

64. Go swimming (indoors!)

65. Jump on a trampoline

66. Take the gondola to Roosevelt Island

67. Ride the Staten Island Ferry

68. Start a vacation fund

69. Rearrange your furniture

70. Paint your bedroom a new color

71. Explore interactive blogs

72. Learn how to juggle

73. Play ping-pong

74. Read those magazine articles you’ve been saving for later

75. Take the stairs

76. Learn to dance like Michael Jackson in Thriller

77. Make a list of goals

78. Get your IDNYC

79. Preserve some jam

80. Cross country ski

81. Take your kid to work

82. Volunteer in your child’s school

83. Visit an animal shelter

84. Break out an adult coloring book

85. Paint a picture

86. Finally put together that family photo album

87. Play tourist and take a walking tour of NYC

88. Offer directions to someone who looks lost on the subway

89. Organize a group “leap” at your workplace or school at 2:29pm

90. Donate blood

91. Visit One World Observatory

92. Give someone a hand-made gift

93. Go to the opera

94. Bone up on your red wines

95. Learn to knit

96. Learn to speak a new language

97. Play Frisbee

98. Learn some Leap Year trivia

99. Try your hand at origami

100. Write a letter to yourself to open on Leap Day 2020!


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Thank you to these Leap Day partner businesses, who will donate a portion of the proceeds from their Leap Day classes to ExpandED Schools!