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The Finland Phenomenon

Susan Brenna

Guest post by Sharae Brown, Development Officer, TASC.I didn’t see many of the movies that were celebrated at the Academy Awards this past weekend, but I am grateful for the last movie I did see: Th ... read more

Where Justice Serves

Charissa Fernandez

Courthouses are often described as places where justice is served and when everything works as it should, they are. But during my recent visit to the United States Supreme Court, where I had the ... read more

Weekly Roundup for February 24, 2012

Jess Tonn

>   If you have fond memories of watching—and singing along to—Sesame Street, you’ll want to listen to this podcast of Sesame Street star Bob McGrath talking with his daughter Cat a ... read more

“America’s Special Sauce”

Lucy Friedman

I couldn’t help but smile while reading Mike Petrilli’s commentary on the secret ingredient of American innovation this morning. Mike’s post was inspired by a recent meeting he had with a group ... read more

Weekly Roundup for February 17, 2012

Jess Tonn

Last activity in the ExpandED day at Thurgood Marshall Academy Lower School--African drumming.>   In an Education Next interview with Frederick Hess, John White, the new Louisiana State S ... read more

Data Walls and King Cakes

Christopher Caruso

Christopher Caruso is TASC's Senior Vice President, ExpandED Schools.Last week, TASC hosted a two-day convening of the schools in our ExpandED national demonstration. Over 50 leaders from New Yor ... read more

A New Gallery in Harlem

Tiffany O'Neal

I love exploring art galleries. If you were to happen upon my Facebook pics, you’d see I’m that person who takes pictures of the art hanging on the walls and the sculptures along the hallways. I ... read more

Digital Learning Beyond School

Lucy Friedman

Today is Digital Learning Day, a great moment to reflect on the potential of informal educators who operate expanded learning time schools and after-school and summer programs to bring digital learnin ... read more

Is It Our Common Core Too?

Susan Brenna

Many forward-thinking NYC community educators and CBO leaders gathered at TASC today to discuss with Gregg Betheil how they can help their schools help students meet the newly instituted New York Stat ... read more

Thoughts on the State of the Union

Charissa Fernandez

I admit it – I’m a sucker for the State of the Union. I get excited wondering what the theme will be and how effectively it will be employed throughout the speech, predicting who will applaud when ... read more


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