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Three Ways to Expand Learning

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June 13, 2012

A national push to improve students' math and literacy skills has caused many schools to double up on those subjects, sometimes at the expense of a balanced and engaging education. To meet the demands of narrowly-defined accountability, schools have sacrificed time spent on science, social studies, arts, physical activity and well-rounded skills.

A primary goal of ExpandED Schools and many expanded learning time and after-school initiatives is to give 21st Century students more time and a wider range of opportunities to learn than in the conventional school day. In the ExpandED Schools national demonstration, 11 elementary and middle schools in New York City, Baltimore and New Orleans partner with experienced community organizations to expand the learning day. They restore or expand time for subjects such as science. They offer arts, movement, small group support and project-based learning activities that require creative and critical thinking.

In this report, you'll learn about how three schools are expanding their schedules to provide longer learning days for students. Here's a snapshot from one Baltimore ExpandED School:

Hilton Elementary School Schedule

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Policy Briefs