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A World of Learning: An ExpandED High School Approach

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March 21, 2013
A World of Learning Report Cover

TASC is putting forward a framework for high school improvement that builds on strong partnerships among schools, community organizations including museums and businesses, and intermediary organizations. We propose that New York take a cohesive and robust expanded learning approach to high school education by helping students earn credits toward graduation through internships, apprenticeships and other coursework beyond the walls of schools.

In order to give all young people in high school access to learning-by-doing, TASC is proposing that New York require every student earn at least one credit toward graduation through an accredited out-of-school learning experience. Currently TASC is collaborating with numerous high schools and community organizations to implement ExpandED Options, an initiative that places high school students in credit-bearing apprenticeships with youth-serving organizations.

We believe this initiative holds great promise for adaptation in and beyond New York City and that it complements many other forms of high school re-design, including some of the promising approaches highlighted in this paper. Below, we show you what high school learning anytime and anywhere looks like for three theoretical students. Let us know what you think in the Comments.

High school schedule for three students that includes learning opportunities outside of school

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Policy Briefs


This method used in the above formula is a great way to engage students at all levels of cognitive thinking. It reaches the whole child. It is a well rounded approach to learning that keeps a student from getting bored. With the technological world being what it is, this approach helps foster a love of learning. I believe that it can help students develop a desire to be lifelong learners. I hope that this method can be implemented in all schools across America.

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Via focusing on youngsters and teens as students, addressing vital education and fitness effects, organizing collaborative moves and initiatives that guide college students, and strongly engaging network sources, the WSCC technique gives critical possibilities in order to enhance educational attainment and healthful development for college students.

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