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Connect2Tech: Supporting Computer Science and Computational Creativity

New York City is the nation’s second largest and fastest growing technology hub, with tech-related jobs increasing by over 28% in the past 5 years. However, few teachers are prepared to teach computer science (CS). The after-school field and expanded learning programs can fill this gap by offering exposure to STEM careers, creating on-ramps for computer science, and empowering people to express themselves with technology.

FUSE: Next Generation

This brief by TASC, Every Hour Counts and ORGE Innovation Consulting presents a strategy to create real-world science learning experiences for kids that integrate Next Generation Science Standards with social and emotional learning experiences. Leveraging external experts, community integration and project-based learning, the model builds flexible science programs in both formal and informal settings. While intended for use by New York, Boston and Providence, the Frontiers in Urban Science (FUSE) initiative cities, this brief could be useful to STEM educators, community partners and district leaders nationwide who are forging new paths to expand access to STEM learning and opportunities

Collective Impact: Stronger Results with Community-Based Organizations

In this paper, StriveTogether and TASC describe the ways that youth-serving community organizations can participate in and support communities’ collective efforts to prepare young people for success in school and life. StriveTogether offers a framework to build a cradle-to-career infrastructure to support community partners who take on the work of achieving collective impact. We also recommend ways for communities to build increasingly effective relationships among community-based organizations (CBOs and other partners.

STEM Educators Academy

Classroom teachers (charged with meeting science and math standards) and after-school educators (charged with providing additional enrichment) can join together to spark interest and cultivate curiosity in STEM subjects.


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