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Raising Standards After 3 PM

TASC President Lucy N. Friedman responds to a concept paper published by New York's Department of Youth and Community Development, in which city officials lay out explicit standards and expectations for how school-community partners can and must support students' academic progress as well as their social and emotional development.

Testimony Before the New York Education Reform Commission

At Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Education Reform Commission hearing at Bank Street College of Education on Tuesday, October 16, 2012, TASC's President Lucy N. Friedman presented the ExpandED Schools model, the benefits of school-community partnerships, and ExpandED Schools' demonstrated results.

A Fiscal Map for Expanded Learning Time (ELT): Second Edition

TASC developed this fiscal map, analysis and set of policy recommendations in an effort to: 1) show how many sources of funding schools and community partners can bring to expanded learning approaches—at the federal level alone—and, 2) highlight for policymakers who control one or more of these funding streams just how complex this picture is.


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