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Find Expanding Learning Time Tools and Reports

This library contains the latest policy and research reports on expanding learning time, building out-of-school time systems and improving student outcomes, as well as tools for schools and community organizations that are expanding learning time, opportunities and support for students. In this library you will find resources such as research studies, fact sheets and evaluation reports, as well as sample school schedules, curriculum resources and evaluation tools.

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Featured Items

In this policy brief ExpandED Schools, alongside a coalition of career readiness stakeholders, presents policy options for expanding postsecondary readiness in New York City high schools.

What happens when you reimagine schools? You can create joy, spark curiosity and nurture talent. You close the learning gap and open the world.

At the end of the 2016-2017 school year, we reached our 1 millionth student! To celebrate this milestone, we journeyed throughout our expanded learning schools network to get to know some of our students.

A professional development program designed to boost student interest, engagement and academic performance in science.

Through our ExpandED Options initiative, New York City high school students get academic credit for learning career-related skills that lead to paid summer jobs.

More time, more enrichments, more support. This is what sparks joy in learning. This is what helps curious and creative youngsters evolve into successful, confident adults.

The original intent of the STEM Education Network was to better understand the STEM professional development available for out-of-school time staff and to develop a model to deliver effective STEM training. The Pinkerton Foundation, providing a one-year $25,000 grant, challenged the organizations to include at least one collaborative project that delivered on-the-ground STEM programming to a substantial number of disadvantaged young people.

This paper reports on the promising findings of our STEM Educators Academy, an ExpandED Schools initiative where classroom teachers and after-school educators engage in joint professional development at premiere science institutions and then work together back at their schools to teach maker-design projects that spark student interest and cultivate curiosity in STEM subjects.

What happens when you reimagine schools? You can create joy, spark curiosity and nurture talent. You close the learning gap and open the world.

Policy Studies Associates (PSA) has evaluated the national demonstration of ExpandED Schools since the demonstration, supported by The Wallace Foundation and others, was launched in the 2011-12 school year in 10 schools in New York City, Baltimore and New Orleans. Over four years, the evaluation explored the approaches that participating schools took to adopting the ExpandED Schools model, in particular seeking to understand the conditions that support—or hinder—the implementation of an expanded day.