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Customized Trainings for CBOs and Schools


Bring ExpandED Schools professional development to you! CBOs, schools and after-school programs can contract with ExpandED Schools to receive customized site-based training. It’s tailored, convenient and ensures consistent training across your organization. We provide these services at very reasonable rates to after-school and expanded learning programs, as well as schools throughout New York City and beyond. (Expanded Learning Schools in the ExpandED Schools Network qualify to receive these services at a discounted rate.) We will send a facilitator to your site to deliver customized training to the group of your choice: an entire school team – including site director, community educators, tutors and enrichment teachers – or to a specified group of staff across your agency such as all site supervisors or program directors.

For more information or to schedule a site-based training, contact Taejha Richardson, Capacity Building Manager. 


Taejha Richardson
For ExpandED Schools Site Based Training:
Email Taejha Richardson
Capacity Building Manager
or call (646) 943-8771