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Technical Assistance

Rashida Ladner-Seward
For technical assistance with expanded learning or school-CBO partnerships:
Email Rashida Ladner-Seward
Vice President, Program Excellence
or call (646) 943-8787

We measure success and advocate for change locally and nationally, and thus have an understanding steeped in research and practice. We are also on the ground supporting schools, with tangible examples of success.


All communities that strive to close the opportunity gap should have the option to incorporate more learning time into the school day or year. We provide technical assistance, working with state, city, district, school, parents and foundation leaders to help school and community partners collaboratively plan solutions to meet the needs of their students.

When it comes to technical assistance, one size does not fit all. So we ask key questions about a school or district’s needs and goals, and then bring all parties to the table to ensure diverse perspectives and ownership. Our technical assistance partners received a range of customized supports, including:

  • Tools to redesign school budgets and staffing to broaden instruction beyond tested subjects

  • Coaching on how to employ more time effectively to improve student outcomes

  • Strategies for measuring progress on student attendance, attitudes and achievement, the early predictors of high school success and completion

We have worked with school districts, city agencies, unions, foundations, charter management organizations and community groups to identify needs, solve complex challenges and design and launch expanded learning initiatives.

Looking to expand opportunities for your students?

Let us help you get started today.


Is my school ready?

This tool can be used by public schools and youth-serving community organizations that are interested in redesigning the school day to give kids a balanced and comprehensive education.


Is my district ready?

This tool can be used by school districts, cities, after-school networks and intermediary organizations, and private funders across the country that are interested in implementing expanded learning opportunities at a systems level.