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Send a note welcoming a 6th grader to middle school

Send a Note

Students who receive encouragement show significant improvements both in their beliefs about their ability to be successful, as well as their actual academic performance.

If you could go back in time, what would you say to your adolescent self? Now you can impart words of wisdom and encouragement to a 6th grader in one of our schools.

Simply fill in the blanks of the below letter and click submit. A student will receive your note and a pencil.


Welcome to 6th grade!

I went to middle school in
My favorite subject was
My classmates and I loved
I wanted to be a
when I grew up.
The best advice I ever got was

Work hard, have fun, and have a great year!

, a

(Your email is required to submit this note and to receive a thank you, but will not be shared with students or schools.)