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CORE PD: Conflict Resolution and De-Escalation

Join our upcoming virtual workshop on effective Conflict Resolution and De-escalation! As Youth Development Workers, we understand that conflicts can arise even in well-managed environments. Learn how to navigate conflict

CORE PD: Family Engagement

Engaging families is a practice critical to the success of the students in your program! In this workshop, participants will learn strategies for meaningfully engaging families at their program site.

CORE PD: Relationship Building with Youth

The number, consistency, and intensity of positive relationships in young people’s lives are linked with positive academic, social, and emotional outcomes. This workshop will evaluate the factors that lead to

CORE PD: Youth Development 101: Ages and Stages

In order to effectively support and work with young people in after-school spaces, we must understand their needs. During this session, participants will explore factors that affect how youth develop,

CORE PD: Introduction to Afterschool

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to a baseline understanding of after-school programming which includes key elements/concepts such as effective classroom facilitation/engagement, best practices for classroom management across various

CORE PD: Line Staff 101: Classroom Management

What is good classroom management? This workshop will teach you how to establish and sustain an orderly classroom environment. Participants will learn how to create an inclusive environment that fosters