Coalitions & Networks

Partnering to Accelerate Change

As an intermediary, one of ExpandED’s key functions is to build and contribute to coalitions working to improve and advance learning opportunities for young people in a variety of areas. We are proud members of many coalitions and groups including those below:

Social-Emotional Learning Working Group

Co-led by ExpandED Schools and The Urban Assembly, the SEL Working Group works to create and advocate for policies and procedures that support students’ social and emotional growth and advance SEL integration into the school day and afterschool programs. Members of the group include former Schools Chancellor Meisha Porter; Elizabeth Stranzl, Director of Policy for the Department of Education’s Division of School Climate and Wellness; Susan Haskell, Deputy Commissioner at the Department of Youth and Community Development; and representatives from a number of New York City-based childcare agencies.

NYC STEM Education Network

The NYC STEM Education Network serves as a catalyst for new ideas, partnerships, and collaborative projects. These efforts, in turn, expand, enhance, and sustain STEM learning opportunities for all learners of all ages in New York City. We strive to ensure that all learners in New York will have the essential experience and skills needed to become career-ready, STEM-literate citizens. To this end, the NYC STEM Education Network promotes inclusivity, accessibility, and accountability while encouraging creativity and innovation.

Work-Based Learning Coalition

The NYC Work-Based Learning Coalition is a coalition of organizations, practitioners, advocates and thought leaders committed to increasing equity, quality and access to work-based learning opportunities for New York City’s youth. The group aims to better prepare all young New Yorkers for career success and economic security in a rapidly changing economy/labor market, and recommends that every student have access to high quality career exploration and real world work experiences before graduating from high school.

Career Internship Network

The Career Internship Network (CIN) is a community of practice and learning network for practitioners at New York City cultural institutions that operate high school internship programs. The goal of CIN is to promote high-quality internship experiences, grounded in youth development principles, for high school students in New York City. CIN provides its members with professional development, peer learning experiences, structured site visits and technical assistance support that help increase equity and access to high-quality work-based learning opportunities.

Every Hour Counts

ExpandED Schools is the fiscal agent and home of the national Every Hour Counts coalition, a partnership of citywide organizations that increase access to quality learning opportunities, particularly for underserved students. We are also a member organization. The coalition’s approach — called an expanded learning system — coordinates the work of service providers, public agencies, funders and schools, so dollars stretch farther and more young people are served. The result: students with better attendance, grades and test scores; stronger work habits; and more positive social behaviors.