High-Impact Tutoring

Expanding Access to Individualized Academic Support

In partnership with New York City Public Schools, we are building an ecosystem of high-impact tutoring (HIT) collaborators to provide students who were most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic with the academic and social-emotional supports necessary to get back on track. High-impact tutoring is a research-based practice through which trained tutors build strong relationships with students in groups of four or fewer, meeting at least three times per week, and typically focused on math or literacy. High-impact tutoring is meant to supplement classroom learning, complement school curriculum, and be tailored to student needs. We are working toward a day when this kind of intensive, individualized intervention is available to all NYC students who struggle academically, regardless of race, neighborhood or economic resources.

Initiative Components

Implementation Pilot

We work with school-based teams to design high-impact tutoring programs that meet the unique needs of each community. School teams must adhere to core HIT standards, but they also have flexibility to select from a list of vetted tutoring providers, and school teams determine when, where, how, and which students receive tutoring. Currently serving approximately 3,500 students in 65 schools across the city, our goal is to reach 15,000 students by 2025.

Community of Practice

We are building a broad-based network of stakeholders invested in high-impact tutoring, including educators, school system leaders, tutoring providers, youth-serving nonprofits, funders, and higher education leaders. The community convenes quarterly to share knowledge, identify and problem-solve around barriers to implementation, raise consciousness about high-impact tutoring, and advocate for systems and policies to secure long-term sustainability.

Tutor to Teacher Pipeline

In addition to addressing critical student needs, we believe that tutors are well-positioned to become the next generation of NYC school teachers. With training and experience in curriculum, pedagogy, and relationship-building with youth, tutors are well-primed to pursue careers as certified educators and thus address NYC’s teacher shortage. We are developing a tutor career center that will offer tutors a range of services, including workshops, career coaching, and networking opportunities, to support their career development and their path toward teacher certification and employment.

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