Comprehensive Program Support

Providing Funding and Support for Afterschool Programs

Through funding provided by the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development and the NYC Department of Education, ExpandED provides support to community-based organizations (CBOs) across the five boroughs to help them implement cost-effective, quality afterschool programs for K-12 youth. Currently, ExpandED works with over 100 programs, providing a range of supports that includes funding, coaching and professional development for afterschool educators.

Our Services

  • Strategic Planning: Assist school-CBO partners in developing a shared vision and setting goals that align with the school’s instructional focus and cater to students’ academic, social, and emotional needs, physical wellness and personal interests.
  • Grants Management: In partnership with the ExpandED fiscal team, support CBOs who are receiving direct funding with budget development that is directly aligned with programmatic goals, and conduct expense report analyses that ensure funds are used efficiently throughout the program year.
  • Coaching: Assist school-CBO teams to deploy strategies for collecting, sharing, reviewing and analyzing data as well as developing data-driven action and implementation plans.
  • Observations and Feedback: Conduct on-site observations of program activities and facilitate a comprehensive debrief that provides school-CBO teams with a summary of program strengths, areas for growth, and follow-up steps and resources to support continuous improvement.
  • Professional Learning Community: Afterschool Director Convenings that provide networking opportunities, foster idea and resource exchange, collaborative learning, and practice-sharing centered on deepening students’ afterschool experiences.

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