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Career-Connected Field Trip Activities

Career-Connected Field Trip Activities The following activities can be used to make connections to careers before, after, or during a field trip. Pre-Visit Connections Pre-Visit Connections Pre-Visit Connections KWL Chart 

Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips The following links offer virtual field trip experiences that either have existing career connections or can be connected to careers. STEM 🧪 STEAM Careers and CMA Manufacturing

Exploring Futures Model

Exploring Futures Model Implementation Guidance  All Beacon, SONYC, and Cornerstone sites serving middle school students are required to implement at least five hours of Exploring Futures programming, which can be

Community Walk Resources

Community Walk Resources Sample Agenda Community Walk Sample Agenda Community Walk Activities Community Walk Graphic Organizer Worksite Interview Graphic Organizer Hats and Ladders Community Walk Activity Resource in educator dashboard.

Work Based Learning: Options Advisory

During this advisory session, partners from community-based organizations will convene to collaborate and strategize, ensuring meaningful experiences for New York City youth. This will be an in-person event held at