Pathways Fellowship

Leveraging Afterschool to Diversify the Teaching Pipeline

The Pathways Fellowship provides aspiring teachers of color with the support they need to succeed in the classroom. Over the course of 10 months, fellows sharpen their foundational teaching skills through mentorship, workshops and a paid practicum in afterschool. The program is open to college juniors, seniors and recent graduates who completed their degree within the last three years.

Program Components

Early Career Training & Support

All Fellows receive training in instructional techniques and classroom management, which they apply in their after-school practicum. In addition, Fellows receive support to find a job in a New York City public school classroom via a traditional certification program, alternative certification program or teaching residency.

Paid After-School Practicum

Through partnerships with community-based organizations, Fellows are placed at after-school programs throughout the City. Fellows earn $17–$20 per hour.


All fellows are partnered with a trained mentor-teacher based on the needs and aspirations of each fellow. Mentors assist fellows in developing their teacher identity and share ways for being effective, increasing student learning and achieving equitable outcomes for every learner.

Networking Opportunities

Fellows network with educators, school leaders and other education professionals to get an in-depth understanding of the teaching profession.