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NYC STEM Education Network x District 4 Summer Rising STEAM Fair

STEAM education and fostering young innovators in Harlem! Read about the Summer Rising STEAM Fair, where 11 dynamic members of the NYC STEM Education Network came together to celebrate science and exploration.

We witnessed an incredible gathering at the Summer Rising STEAM Fair in Harlem. The NYC STEM Education Network and District 4 brought together 11 dynamic NYC STEM Education Network members to celebrate science and exploration. Over 200 students, school leaders, and families came together to see student presentations and captivating hands-on activities.

Beam Center, Dazzling Discoveries/Skill Mill NYC, DIVAS FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE INC, Drone Cadets, Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, Ivy Tutors Network, Reach the World, STEM Kids NYC, Tech Kids Unlimited, The League of Young Inventors, Vision Education & Media (VEMNY) – RoboFun showcased their offerings at P.S. 007 Samuel Stern School.

P.S. 007 Samuel Stern School in Harlem.

The creativity of students was on full display as they proudly showcased computer games and STEM projects they created during Summer Rising. This gathering also provided a remarkable opportunity for NYC STEM Education Network members to engage with school leaders interested in expanding their STEAM programs for the upcoming academic year.

District 4 students

“The Summer Rising STEAM Fair is a powerful reminder of what we can achieve when STEAM resources, committed educators, and motivated young minds come together,” said Saskia Traill, Ph.D., the President, and CEO of ExpandED Schools.

Phyllip Augustin, a scientist at Pepsi.

A surprise guest, Phyllip Augustin, a distinguished scientist at Pepsi, added his spark to the occasion. Augustin, a subject matter expert in flavor and taste technology, shared invaluable insights with the students, emphasizing the significance of curiosity and the power of asking questions.

“With the unwavering support of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, our journey to expand and enrich STEM learning opportunities for NYC students continues to flourish,” said Yuki Ynfante, the NYC STEM Education Network Manager.

L-R, Yuki Ynfante, NYC STEM Education Network Manager; Dr. Kristy De La Cruz, District 4 Superintendent; Saskia Traill, Ph.D., the President, and CEO of ExpandED Schools; NY State District 68 Assemblymember, Eddie Gibbs; Lisa Reiter, Deputy Superintendent District 4; Vanessa MacDonna, Director of Continuous Improvement; Shawn Jean-Louis, Policy Director at ExpandED Schools; Naveed Hasan, Manhattan CEC elected representative in the Panel for Education Policy.

District 4, overseeing approximately 23 schools and over 11,000 students in grades PreK, and K-12, has placed a profound emphasis on the integration of STEAM.

“This multidisciplinary approach equips our youth with the essential skills to thrive in an ever-evolving world, fostering innovation, critical thinking, and creativity. Science opens doors to understanding the natural world, enabling young minds to explore and solve complex challenges like climate change and disease control. By promoting STEAM this summer and beyond, we will prepare our youth to become adaptable, resilient, and innovative leaders of tomorrow,” said District 4 Superintendent Dr. Kristy De La Cruz.

Let’s continue to celebrate and support the journey of these young inventors as they shape their future in STEAM. Here’s to the spirit of collaboration, exploration, and limitless possibilities!